Welcome to my website and a very happy 2018 to all my viewers.

At the end of January I return to my studio to start work on the models for the coming year, especially in prepartion for the Woodfest at Hatfield Forest which has now become a regular outlet for my unique craft. I would recommend you all to visit the Woodfest, not only see my work but to witness the astonishing wood crafts of so many talented artists, all of which continue to maitain into the modern day the old wood crafts of the ancients. It truly is an enjoyable week end for all the family and a great opportunity to meet freinds old and new and for us all to embrace the natural enviroment and woodlands we are in danger of losing. 

The National Trust do a great job in maintaining and protecting the forest,lakes and habitats for our wildlife, please give them your support and visit the Woodfest on this special weekend.

I would particulary like to thank all my regular customers that come back year after year, I truly do appreciate your time in viewing my exibits wheather you chose to purchase or not, always feel free to come over for a chat and to check out my new creations.

Please browse through my web site and see just some of the models I have created, I am constantly working on new ideas. Let me know you have visited and leave me any comments in the guestbook.

I am considered the only Matchstick Craftsman in the UK, my models have been exibited in Europe, China and America, and every September I display at the Woodfest, Hatfield Forest.

Please come and see my intricate and and unique art, you will truly be amazed at the miniature models I have created from a simple box of matches.

Matchstick sculptures require a high level of skill patience and imagination.


Using a keen eye for detail and a very steady hand I have developed over many hours the ability to model matchsticks in a unique and intriguing fashion.


My artwork has expanded over the years and although most of the sculptures are created from a single match others involve many different themes from historical figures through to a wide range of animals birds and insects.


The largest to date has taken only thirty three matches and is a Spanish galleon which I built, hand painted and placed in a glass bottle.


Please enjoy browsing some examples of my work in the gallery. I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions via the guest book and you can enquire about orders or commissioned pieces using the enquiry form.

Thank you, I hope to see you at my next exibition.


*NEW* More model pictures in the Gallery

See some of the latest creations in the new Gallery folder




I willbe exibiting my matchstick creations, please come along and view my many models on display.