Welcome to my website. My name is Ken Connolly, please browse through my web site and see just some of the models I have created, I am constantly working on new ideas. Let me know you have visited and leave me any comments in the guestbook.

I am considered the only Matchstick Craftsman in the UK, my models have been exibited in Europe, China and America, and every September I display at the Woodfest, Hatfield Forest.

Please come and see my intricate and and unique art, you will truly be amazed at the miniature models I have created from a simple box of matches.

Matchstick sculptures require a high level of skill patience and imagination.


Using a keen eye for detail and a very steady hand I have developed over many hours the ability to model matchsticks in a unique and intriguing fashion.


My artwork has expanded over the years and although most of the sculptures are created from a single match others involve many different themes from historical figures through to a wide range of animals birds and insects.


The largest to date has taken only thirty three matches and is a Spanish galleon which I built, hand painted and placed in a glass bottle.


Please enjoy browsing some examples of my work in the gallery. I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions via the guest book and you can enquire about orders or commissioned pieces using the enquiry form.

Thank you, I hope to see you at my next exibition.


*NEW* More model pictures in the Gallery

See some of the latest creations in the new Gallery folder


WOODFEST WEEKEND 2017 at Hatfield Forest.


September Sat 9th & Sun 10th.

I have a display of my matchstick creations, please come along and view my many models on display.